Ter(li)minal serves as an investigation into liminal spaces, or spaces that serve as a transition between two points. Accompanying these spaces is a sense of distortion in time and reality, a sense of waiting, and that is what we want the viewer to experience within this virtual environment.

Created with Unity3D, Maya, Substance Painter, and Photoshop for the Google Daydream (exported to a Galaxy Note 8), the viewer finds themselves sitting in an airport terminal awaiting their flight. Initially the airport is sparsely populated with open seats and the occasional person passing by to the next terminal. As the viewer looks around, small environmental changes begin to occur, growing more obvious as plane delays are announced and various auditory disruptions occur (crying baby, plane landing, talking on the phone). Through the course of this five minute experience, the viewer sees temporal and spatial distortions as they observe passively, waiting for their flight.

My focus in this project was understanding the finer aspects of mobile VR development on Unity, creating environmental assets, and scripting the changing environment with C#. I took inspiration from SightlineVR to create change out of the sight of the viewer, suggesting a sudden shift and questioning passage of time.

This was a 5 week project from August-September 2018 with a team of 4:
Abigail Ayers, Sara Caudill, Leah Coleman, Taylor Olsen