Music Mocap and Wrecked Cabin are Up!

I spent today updating my website with the finals from my Wrecked Cabin project and our most recent project: Music Mocap.

This project was my first experience ever with motion capture, and OSU has a fantastic motion capture studio. I wrote a little bit about it in the last post, but we had a great time working with the dancers and I learned a lot about the actual process... especially because I had to get in a suit to do a test capture. 


Other than Music MoCap, I'm taking a Computer Game class that's really expanding my knowledge of Unity and game design. In the past, my game classes have just given us a few pieces to cobble together and didn't really take the time to go into how things work or why games are designed that way. But now I'm actually learning how C# functions and why it works.

We started just following the Roll-A-Ball tutorial from the Unity website, but now we have to create a mod that changes the gameplay or introduces a new dynamic. I'm working with this idea of creating a timed maze scenario, but haven't quite narrowed down my exact plan just yet. Here's a few pages from my sketchbook, just jotting down ideas: 

Over the weekend I'll be working out the final plans for this mod and getting a working prototype started. With Unity projects in the past I was focusing all of my efforts on asset creation and less on the game itself, so this is going to present a new challenge and experience for me. More updates to come!