Working on Renders

It's demo reel time! I've been working pretty steadily this weekend to render different projects from this summer. Normally this wouldn't be such a huge challenge but since most of my models are game assets, I decided to render them in Unreal Engine 4. 

Working on cinematic renders of Project Sphincter. 

I'm still working out some of the quirks- I followed a tutorial that used Matinee only to find out that UE4 is using Sequencer now. A few hours and some tests later and I was ready to get into it. I'm also going to be building another environment and using it to create a more dynamic props reel. I like the idea of adding some interactivity instead of just staring at turnarounds and wireframes.

Still shot from one of the cinematic renders. 

Still shot from one of the cinematic renders. 

I found a few errors after the initial render but I've pretty much got the cinematics down for this part of the demo! Next up, building the demo room.