Character Design: Flamingo Grump

This week I finished my first character design project for class! I don't usually do a lot of work with characters so this class has been a bit of a challenge. We had to choose an animal and then give it a profession. Whenever we visit the Columbus Zoo, I always stop by the Flamingo enclosure and watch the group interact. If you stand there long enough you start to realize that they are always starting fights with each other and generally look either angry or paranoid. I thought it was hilarious, so I decided to design a Flamingo Lawyer. 

Here are some of the preliminary sketches I did while working on my character design. It started with anatomical studies and went on to playing with shapes and poses, and possible professions.

I'm really focusing on my drawing skills this semester- I have a tendency to fall into the world of 3D and stay there for awhile. Finding the time to sketch these last few weeks has made a huge difference, and I am working on moving away from gesture sketching and into some more detailed concepts. More to come!