Landscape Improvements

On Tuesday I went in and worked on my landscape for my river cabin scene (I need to name that soon... working on too many cabins!). It felt really blobby and just needed the finishing touches. Here's what the comp looks like together now in Maya: 

This is a slightly lower res version that I put into Maya to retopologize, which will be happening over the next day or two here. I'm working on modeling the plane parts of the cabin for tomorrow and finishing up the wooden support assets for the cabin. Really try and get this thing grounded in the landscape.

For the foliage we'll be learning Speedtree in a few weeks and I'll have to look into getting that river system up and running. I ordered this book, Botany for the Artist, to help me get an idea of what type of plants I should be looking at. Plus my plant knowledge needs a boost anyways!