German Village Sketching!

On Tuesday afternoon I wandered around German Village and the Short North with my sketchbook and a few markers, aiming to draw some interesting looking buildings. My goals were to a) draw completely in ink, b) work on my line confidence, and c) try not to look creepy while doing it. My professor gave us a deadline of 15 minutes per building and it would have been easy to just stay around CCAD for this. But I had a great time walking around Schiller Park and sketching these houses. 

Fun fact, if you happen to be in Schiller Park between 2-5pm, there are dogs being walked EVERYWHERE. Good things to know for gesture drawing. 

Those last two houses aren't from German Village. The top one is by Goodale Park and the bottom is an abandoned house by my apartment. I ended up driving around Columbus for 5 hours sketching. What a great way to spend a Tuesday.