Spooky Haunted House Layouts

I decided to take a character and environment class this semester because I've spent so long in 3D that my drawing skills began to suffer. But for this environment project we were encouraged to use 3D programs to help with our composition, perspective, and lighting... something that I probably should have figured out sooner but now that I know it, it's changing everything. 

We're supposed to be creating this haunted house, and I tried to steer towards more of a stylized form. I chose a dark cabin in the woods with shapes taken from your stereotypical witches hat. Then I went into 3D and did the most basic of block models, and used Maya's tree brushes to create this bent pathway. Here are some of the process shots: 

I'm really liking what's happening with the outside and I'm really enjoying playing with the lighting. I still have to do an interior which is going to happen tomorrow afternoon, but so far I'm liking where it's going and will continue posting progress as I go!