Reeling It In

So Inktober has gone on hiatus as I've been working the last few days to find time for my demo reel. Rendering in UE4 has been a bit of a challenge and I've spent a good amount of time with Google trying to figure out why something doesn't work. There are a couple of good shots I have from my renders, unfortunately I can't use them all in this reel and keep it under a minute. That's where the trouble comes. I'm not totally happy with what I have so far, but I still have a little bit of time to keep pushing and polish it up! 

I'll post some screencaps in the meantime: 

I've mostly been busy trying to round up models and get them into Unreal, render out a pass, and then get them together cohesively in After Effects. I made great progress tonight, and hopefully by tomorrow night I'll have a new video up on the home page with the renders I've just worked on.