About ME

After growing up watching and admiring animated films, Abigail got her first crack at 3D animation in high school. In the past, she had been practicing woodworking and drawing, but decided a year later that Animation was where she needed to be. Abigail enjoys combining her love for space and science with her work, and thrives off of working in team situations to collaborate on visual experiences. 

While obtaining her BFA in Animation from Columbus College of Art and Design, Abigail was interested in the growing use of virtual reality and began working with environment art for virtual reality experiences such as Project Sphincter and enjoyed the interdisciplinary aspects of working with virtual reality outside of the game industry.  

Abigail is now a second-year MFA student in the Design Department at The Ohio State University. Working within the Digital Animation and Interactive Media track, she is interested in exploring how virtual and augmented reality can be combined with game principles for educational purposes. Abigail currently works as a Graduate Research Associate at the Advanced Computing Center for Arts & Design (ACCAD).

  • Columbus College of Art and Design
    BFA: Animation, 2016

  • The Ohio State University
    MFA Candidate, Design
    Anticipated Graduation May 2020


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